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The Torch - Being Lights to Our World
The Torch - Being Lights to Our World

Graduates Called to Shine a Beacon of Love

Nazarene Bible College’s graduation weekend includes many traditions. These traditions have encouraged, blessed, and inspired graduates to remember their God-given purpose and articulate pledges to make the world a better place. In particular, the Torch Ceremony challenges graduates to consider God’s promises to them and rise above the business of work, school, and life issues to embrace God’s plan for them as they commence a new phase of life and learning.

I still remember a couple of years ago when one of our graduates with a physical disability made her way, with help from a fellow student, to the front of the assembly, raised the torch, and proclaimed with confidence and exuberant language that God had plans for her to go forth and change the world!  The declaration was meaningful to everyone as they observed a student with physical limitations. The faculty, on the other hand, knew more of the personal journey and could attest to the powerful and wonderful work of God in this transformed life.

During the Torch Ceremony, a song is sung that says, in part,

            “The world lies in darkness lost in their sin and they don’t even know the danger they are in. We who are called to the glorious fight must shine like a beacon of love … in the night.  We will carry the torch, we will lift high the flame … until the glory of God is seen by the world, we will carry the torch of the Lord.”

The faculty, staff and administrators desire that all who grace the virtual halls of learning at NBC will indeed carry the torch of salvation and bring transformation to our lost world! Those of us in the Enrollment Management Department also hope that graduates who have experienced the transforming experience of an NBC education will encourage other developing leaders to follow suit by preparing for ministry through Nazarene Bible College.

Dr. David Church, NBC Vice President for Enrollment Management

Filed Under: The Torch Published: 05/15/2020

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