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Nazarene Bible College



Welcome to Winter B
Welcome to Winter B

Winter B Session Starts

Winter B Classes, the first session of the New Year, 2021, start today! Congratulations to all our new NBC students.

You will be receiving the NBCommunicator each Monday. We hope the articles help to encourage you in your studies and walk with the Lord, as well as give you information that you need as you pursue your studies.

We often have devotionals from NBC administration, faculty, and alumni. We are a great family – we have heard the call of God on our lives and are following His call to serve Jesus Christ in a unique way through the roles that He has opened for each of us.

To our returning students, may this year of 2021 be rich in learning and growth in your ministry preparation and education. May your lives have space for reading, writing, and applying all that God will teach you through our faculty, adjuncts, colleagues, and your own personal study.

May you all meet the goals you wish to achieve in coming to NBC.


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/11/2021

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