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Ministry Position Opportunities
Ministry Position Opportunities

Open Ministry Positions

Ministry Position / Posición del ministerio: Pastorates in Northern & Central Kentucky

Church or Ministry / Iglesia o Ministerio: Northern and Central Kentucky

Address / Dirección: Kentucky

District / Distrito:​​​​​​​ Eastern Kentucky

Position Type / Tipo del posición:​​​​​​​ Co-vocational / Bivocacional

Name / Nombre:​​​​​​​ Douglas Wyatt

Position / Posición: District Superintendent


Phone Number / Teléfono:​​​​​​​ (620) 9315835


Ministry position:  Fulltime pulpit minister

Church/Ministry: North Raleigh Church of Christ

Location: 8701 Falls of Neuse; Raleigh, NC

Position is: Fulltime

Church/Ministry contact person:

                Name: Elaine Dixon/Bob Garrell

                Position: Ministry Search committee

                E-mail address:


Ministry position:  Lead Pastor

Church/Ministry:  Penticton Church of the Nazarene

Location:  Penticton, BC Canada

Position is:  Full-time

Church/Ministry contact person:

          Name:  Gordon McCann

          Position: District Superintendent

          E-mail address:

          Phone (Optional):  519-802-8647

NOTE: This listing may be published in the NBC Communicator (at the sole discretion of NBC leadership) and does not presuppose a recommendation, endorsement, or act as a testimonial for the Church/Ministry or the student applicant.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/18/2021

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