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Prayer Focus for the Week

This week our region of focus is the Eurasia Region. The Eurasia Region of the denomination encompasses the countries of the continent of Europe, the Middle East, and the portion of Asia that includes India and surrounding countries. It is difficult to know exactly which of our online students may currently be living on this region. Military students tend to be shown in our system by their home address or district. However, we know a number of our students are currently serving in that part of the world as either missionaries or military personnel. This week, as you have opportunity to look at the icons on the map in the Sanders’ entry hall, please note those students in that area of the world and pray for them. 

NBC currently has some cooperative work with European Nazarene College in Busingen, Switzerland. Additional educational institutions of the Church of the Nazarene on the Eurasia Region are CIS Education Centers, Moscow, Russia; Eastern Mediterranean Nazarene Bible College, Beirut, Lebanon; Nazarene Nurses Training College, Washim, Maharashtra, India; Nazarene Theological College-Manchester, England; and South Asia Nazarene Bible College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This week pray for these educational institutions as they pursue their mission.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/12/2010

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