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History of NBC - Question 11

Do you know that the Williamson Center houses the Jarrette Aycock Prayer Chapel, a small personal chapel upstairs above the kitchen? The chapel contains a small altar, benches, and a Bible and is open for students to use any time the building is open. Once a year, when NBC prays for all the Nazarene churches across the country, specific prayer requests are left on the altar so students can pray for those specific needs. After that week of prayer, NBC receives numerous emails from the churches nationwide giving testimony of how their prayer requests have been answered.

How many radial walks are there in the Apostles Court, and what do they represent?

The first student to reply to Shari with the correct answer in Student Development at will win a prize.

The winner of last week's question was Janice, from Tennessee. A prize will be mailed to Janice. The answer to last week's question was "Dr. Jerry Lambert was the third president of NBC and served from 1984 to 1994."

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 03/13/2012

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