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Nazarene Bible College




History of NBC - Question 12

Do you know that the academic buildings were designed to reflect a close relationship physically and symbolically to the mountains, the Apostles Court, and the spiritual purpose of the college? A liberal use of glass enables students and faculty to glance up from their immediate tasks and look toward the mountains for meditative inspiration and a reminder that He is greater than us all. In addition to the orientation to the mountains, all academic buildings are closely related to the Apostles Court, being sited in extensions of the segments representing the twelve apostles. Within each building, natural light and high, sloping ceilings are used to suggest a more inspirational character than would ordinarily be used for buildings of this type.

How many sides are there to the bell tower in the center of Apostles Court, and what do these sides stand for?

The first student to reply to Shari with the correct answer in Student Development at will win a prize.

The winner of last week's question was Derrick, from Colorado Springs, CO. A prize will be mailed to Derrick. The answer to last week's question is "there are 12 radial walks that lead from the academic perimeter to the bell tower in the center of Apostles Court. They represent the 12 apostles."

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 03/20/2012

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