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Nazarene Bible College




Are you registered for a fall class?

If interested, call your advisor to check on available classes:

Chuck Self: 1-800-873-3873 ext. 5085
Pastoral Ministries, Pastoral Leadership, Bible & Theology

Jocelyn Watt: 1-800-873-3873 ext. 5086
Christian Counseling, Christian Educational Ministries, Christian School Education, Counseling for Christian Ministries, Leadership & Ethics, and Associate’s degrees

Jeff York: 1-800-873-3873 ext. 5087
Ministry Preparation Program (MPP)

Timoteo McKeithen: 1-800-873-3873 ext. 5154
Ministerios Pastorales

Also, check your student portal to see if you have any holds that might keep you out of class. If you do, take care of them Today!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 07/03/2013

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