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NBC Receives 10 Year Accreditation from ABHE

Since 1976, Nazarene Bible College has been accredited by what is now known as the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Professor Ron Attig reminded us of the moment when we first received accreditation from ABHE in 1976. Dr. Attig wrote: “We went to the Colorado Springs Airport with signs and balloons to welcome our administrators back from the meeting with the GOOD NEWS!”


For the last year and a half we have developed and submitted reports, hosted a site visit, submitted follow up reports, and waited for ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation to render their decision. Today, we received the official confirmation that ABHE has reaffirmed our accreditation until 2027! They wrote:


The ABHE Commission on Accreditation reviewed your institution at its February 4-8, 2017 meeting and took the following action: Reaffirm the accreditation of Nazarene Bible College (CO) until 2027 in light of the Commission's judgment that the institution is in substantial compliance with ABHE's Standards . . . (highlights are mine)


Dr. Alan Lyke, Vice President for Academic Affairs wrote: “Every person contributes to the college’s “substantial compliance” of ABHE’s Standards. Every student attending NBC benefits from the same, as does every person to whom NBC students minister the Gospel.”


While this is certainly true, recognition should be given to Dr. Lyke for his leadership in guiding the college through this process. As Dr. Attig wrote: “Dr. Lyke has been eager to give credit to the faculty for their work, but without his oversight, detailed direction, and composition skills, this reaffirmation would not have happened.”


I have been reading the congratulatory comments submitted in response to this announcement by Dr. Lyke. Those comments remind me of the reach of Nazarene Bible College. We have a faculty, staff, and online instructors dedicated to the mission of preparing men and women for ministry.


Dr. Don Stelting, Vice President for Academic Affairs Emeritus wrote: “This accreditation has been a foundational hallmark for NBC for most of its life and now, continues for another ten years.  The ABHE has grown and expanded its assurances, and NBC continues to meet the robust expectations of this Association.  Among other things, this recognition assures the constituencies of NBC that we are true to our Mission and have gathered a faculty, administration, and staff who exercise significant professional expertise and commitment to that Mission.”


As Dr. Lyke wrote: “The college’s continuing accreditation by ABHE reflects the heart and passion and time and energy invested by every member of the NBC team. Congratulations! Well done!!”


I want to thank Dr. Alan Lyke for his inspirational and dedicated leadership. A job well done!


Harold B. Graves Jr.

Nazarene Bible College


Filed Under: The Torch Published: 02/27/2017

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