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Nazarene Bible College




Fall B Updates

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are having a wonderful fall season. Here are a couple of items that may hold some interest for you.

  • We are in the 3rd week of Fall B. This is the last week to withdraw from a course.
  • NBC has a great group of new students who will begin with us in Fall B Orientation on October 22 (preparation for Winter A classes). Please pray for them as they learn how to successfully navigate our online system and begin their ministry training.
  • Winter A classes begin November 12 (in 5 weeks).
    • Please process any schedule-related email you receive from your Academic Advisor. This helps us make certain we are providing the right amount of courses and professors for what you need.
    • Also, be sure to order your textbooks at least 2 weeks out!

We are praying for you as you faithfully respond to God’s call.

Your Enrollment Management Team

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 10/09/2018

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