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Sentiments of Appreciation to All Pastors from NBC President Harold B. Graves Jr.

October is the month we recognize, celebrate, and encourage our pastors. I am thankful for the thousands of pastors Nazarene Bible College has prepared for ministry. Every day they make a difference in the lives of the people they minister to. They preach the Word, lead people to Christ, and care for their needs.

Pastors, we are grateful for all you do in evangelizing, discipling, and ministering to our world. Below is my edited version of a poem written by Deanna Malawy for her pastor’s ordination. The word “pastor” is used as an acronym.

A Pastor’s Heart

A pastor’s heart is Protective
and guards the flock from Satan’s snares.​

A pastor’s heart is Attentive
and seeks to know their people’s cares.

A pastor’s heart is Sacrificial
and for their sheep will give its all.

A pastor’s heart is Tender
and listens to the Spirit’s call.

A pastor’s heart is Obedient
and heeds the Master’s commands.

A pastor’s heart is Reflective
and finds strength for the demands.

Deanna Malawy
(with editing)
Okawville, Illinois, USA


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 10/16/2018

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