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Look ahead, Organize, Plan (Time-Management Tips)

Are you keeping your school work and study areas organized?

  • Avoiding clutter is really important in keeping your notes, syllabus, and other handouts organized and readily accessible.
  • Use separate binders, notebooks, folders.
  • Toss or remove all unnecessary papers or items.
  • Is something distracting you? Remove it!

Walking or stretching during and between study activities will help clear your mind.

Adequate sleep each night will help reduce your stress and increase your performance! Adequate sleep = time saved!

Build flexible time into your schedule. It’s always great to be able to move things around a bit as life’s demands and opportunities show-up!

Address the little things as they come up.

  • Take a few minutes to make that call to your Academic Advisor or Professor.
  • Read a few pages of your required reading.
  • Review your notes, etc.
  • When a small chunk of time is free, see how many smaller tasks you can cross off of your list!

Always in your corner,
Enrollment Management Team!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 11/20/2018

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