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Nazarene Bible College




Class of 2018

May 27th was Graduation Sunday for eighty-one members of Nazarene Bible College’s Class of 2018. Most of these adult graduates, representing twenty-eight states, are already serving in places of ministry and now have a cutting edge to their service having completed their selected major and program.

Sixty-nine of those graduates received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree (B.A. Min). Of the sixty-nine degree graduates, sixteen people studied in the Bible and Theology program. Six graduates prepared to be counselors through the Christian Counseling major. One graduate is now prepared for Christian Educational Ministries. Two others received their emphasis in Christian School Education. Eleven of them were Counseling for Christian Ministries majors. Eight people were trained in church Leadership and Ethics. Two men studied to lead Spanish ministries through the Ministerios Pastorales program taught entirely in Spanish. Seven graduates completed their Bachelor degree through the Pastoral Leadership major, and sixteen people specifically focused on pastoral skills as part of the Pastoral Ministries program. They are all more prepared for effective service and graduate studies are now an option for those called to further their studies.

An Associate of Arts degree in Ministry was received by one graduate. Eleven others received Ministry Preparation Program Certificates (MPP) fulfilling the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. One NBC professor told his class, “I have to prepare you the very best that I can, because you might be my pastor someday!”

For the past ten years, Nazarene Bible College has enjoyed a close partnership with the Salvation Army. Twelve Salvation Army officers graduated in this year’s graduating class with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree in Leadership and Ethics, Pastoral Leadership, or Counseling for Christian Ministries.

For the first time, two graduates from the Hong Kong Institute for Christian Counselors received their NBC Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree in Counseling for Christian Ministries. Nazarene Bible College is making an impact globally.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 06/06/2018

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