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Be A Responsible Online Citizen
Be A Responsible Online Citizen

Cybersecurity Training Part II

Know the Basics

You spend hours every day online. You can check the weather, get the latest news, pay your bills, change your insurance, read a book, and watch the game all on the little computer you carry around in your pocket.  

The internet has become a normal part of life. Is your cybersecurity keeping up with your online activity?

SafeColleges Cybersecurity Training is Available

The SafeColleges Training System offers several courses on cybersecurity. The CyberSecurity Overview and Browser Security Basics are great starting points, with further training available on Email and Messaging Safety, Password Security Basics, and Protection Against Malware.

Go to, log in, scroll to the bottom, and click on the Extra Training banner to view this training.  

Threats to Your Education

According to, our partner for compliance training, three of the biggest cyber threats to educational institutions are

  1. Phishing – “The practice of using deceptive email messaging and websites to trick users into giving up confidential information.”
  2. Malware – “A variety of software that’s created to act maliciously and destroy or access a computer’s information without the knowledge of the user.”
  3. Unsecured Devices – Students and employees connecting a multitude of devices to the campus network that may be unsecure and unsafe – making the campus network vulnerable.”

To protect yourself and your education, avoid responding to or clicking on links in emails of unknown or untrusted origin, pay attention to the sources of your downloads, and keep your virus protection up to date.

To read more about this, visit

Back It Up!

You took dozens – nay, hundreds – of videos and pictures over Christmas break, didn’t you? Those adorable memories may live forever in your mind, but that doesn’t mean they are safe on your phone. Regularly backing up your valuable work, photos, and other digital information can save you from a lot of stress.

Being Good Citizens – Even Online

Want to keep learning about being a responsible online citizen? Here are a few links that might prove helpful.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 02/03/2020

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