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Dr. Ken Mills, Pastoring and Teaching
Dr. Ken Mills, Pastoring and Teaching

Pastor and Educator, Ken Mills

My name is Ken Mills, and I serve as Lead Pastor in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  I have had the privilege of serving as district superintendent of both the Mid-Atlantic District for the Church of the Nazarene as well as the New England District.  Before being elected as district superintendent, I served as pastor and as a staff pastor in four churches in Ohio, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Eastern Nazarene College is where I graduated with a major in Psychology with a minor in biblical literature. I then graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary and later pursued a Doctor of Ministry degree, taking classes at Gordon Conwell Seminary and then graduating from Boston University.

I have been married to Patti (whom I met at ENC), and we have three children. Our son Kenneth Jr. is married to Kathy and they have three children.  Our oldest daughter Kristen, lives in Vermont and is an artist (in every sense of the word) – a phenomenal artist! Our youngest daughter Kerri is a cosmetologist by trade. Kerri is married to Jared Lewis and they are presently living in Cape Girardeau, MO.  They have two children, Jayce and Bryanna.

Personally, I was born in Western Pennsylvania (Rochester), grew up in Virginia (Richmond and Petersburg areas), and went to High School in Ashtabula, Ohio.  The only hobby I have at present is reading (both novels and ministry books), though I have always liked working with my hands (woodworking, etc.).

I have been blessed to serve Nazarene Bible College for the past several years as an online instructor and facilitator.  My personal joy is working with women and men who have been called to various aspects of God’s ministry.  There are a number of students that I have had in class that I also have had the privilege of serving in ministry with later, either as a staff member, or as a fellow pastor on the district to which I belong.  There are other students who have connected with me years later for advice and input.  I cherish these ongoing relationships.  I am so grateful for the opportunity of walking along side many great women and men preparing to serve God and His Church, and for NBC as they continue to provide opportunities for those called by God.

Dr. Ken Mills, NBC Adjunct and Pastor

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 03/23/2020

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