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No Need To Worry, NBC is Here For You
No Need To Worry, NBC is Here For You

Why This Might Be A Good Time To Study at NBC

I have heard it said, “Nazarene Bible College is the best kept secret in town!” The saying was not intended to be taken literally, but makes a good point. Those who work at NBC and those who are NBC alumni, are crazy about NBC. They all have their reasons and that would be a different article to write. But today, as editor of the NBCommunicator, I asked our faculty and staff, why this might be a good time to study at NBC. I would say the consensus was that there are a lot of good reasons. I share their thoughts with you:

  • The Great Commission is not yet realized, which means God is still calling men and women to evangelize the world. Such a call will mean ministerial preparation. Nazarene Bible College stands ready to be your school of choice.  NBC is fully accredited with faculty passionate about both academic excellence and practical ministry. Dr. Joe Warrington, faculty
  • There’s never been a better time to study at NBC then right now when we have all been directed to stay at home. Take advantage of this quiet time and press in towards your calling from God by preparing at NBC. Mr. Mike Finn, staff
  • In real life (pre-corona virus and post-corona virus), we all have to travel to go to our workplaces and our kids have to walk or ride to school. For most of us during this time, all of that travel time is zero, because we are at home. Now is a great time to study using those extra minutes and hours we have. Our “drive time” can be “learning time.” Professor Tim McKeithen, faculty
  • I talked with a student a few weeks ago who is benefiting from having to work at home. She said her normal commute is an hour one-way every day. Working from home saves the commute time, which she is using to finish her school work. Dr. Alan Lyke, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • This might be an opportunity to break away, reflect on your life's mission, and consider future plans. Is there some topic at NBC that would help you fulfill your life goals? Dr. Terry Lambright, faculty
  • The need for the hope of the gospel has never been greater than it is today. We encourage you to stay up-to-date on your ministry preparation, so you can continue to give God and the church your very best. God is calling men and women to minister to our hurting world. Now is the time to answer the call. Let NBC help you prepare to minister to a world that so desperately needs ministers who are spiritually and academically prepared for ministry. Dr. Jim Russom, faculty
  • Now, more than ever, the world needs prepared, called, individuals to minister to those who are lost. Mrs. Shirley Cadle, Vice President of Finances
  • With all of the changes that are going on in our world, taking some time to seek God and His will for your life is a great idea. There are many who are hurting and need to find solace in life. Who better to bring Christ to a hurting world than yourself? God has brought you to this point in life for His purpose and praise. Mr. Stephen Edwards, staff
  • In our uncertain times, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. A call to ministry is a call to prepare. NBC provides highly qualified instructors with a clear Wesleyan doctrinal stand and a love for students. Dr. Sandy Palm, faculty
  • This season of uncertainty and anxiety in the midst of pandemic presses us to lean into our Lord and Savior. Now is a unique time to give extra attention and diligence to the work of educational preparation in pursuit of God's call. The flexibility of the NBC online program provides great opportunity to take advantage of staying at home and concentrating on quality academic work. May the Lord inspire your very best in this time unlike any other. Dr. Thomas King, faculty

Perhaps you know of someone who NBC could meet their ministry preparation need at this time in history. Or perhaps you yourself have been studying at NBC, and because of these uncertain times, are discouraged, worried, and have just felt like pulling out of your studies for now. I hope our faculty and staff have encouraged you to continue on. Perhaps this is a time that you can even thrive in your studies.

I thank our faculty and staff for sharing their valuable, heart-felt thoughts and insights on studying at NBC in these present days.

Blessings to you from all of us at NBC.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 04/27/2020

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