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Gratitude for God's Provision
Gratitude for God's Provision

NBC Student Giving Her Best

As a missionary, I have spent most of my ministry outside of the continental US.  When my best friend challenged me to go back to school and study, I didn’t have any faith that this would be possible.  But imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Nazarene Bible College had an online stream for students who could not study close to the school.

Having an online option may keep me from a broader NBC family and the school culture – but this has not diminished my gratitude for the opportunity to study as an online student, in an overseas capacity. Even though I was accepted to study at NBC as an online student, I am also in ministry full time. While living in Africa, there were times when I had to travel into the interior where there was no internet. This was particularly bad in Angola and Tanzania.  However, NBC gave me the freedom and support to take classes when I was able. 

It has been a blessing to be able to clear my travel calendar during my six-week online classes, and then to skip NBC classes when ministry was very intense or if I was traveling in an area that did not have adequate internet. College is expensive, and on the salary I receive, there would never be enough to enable me to study. However, I wrote a letter to my home territory in California, as encouraged by some friends, and was delighted-shocked-amazed to be awarded a full sponsorship that would allow me to pursue the Leadership and Ethics degree. 

This is a blessing I will never be tired of remembering and thanking God and my denomination for. With this sponsorship is provision to also purchase necessary school books.  My meager, personal financial contribution is the postage of books to the country of service, and if needed, in country duty fees/taxes. Of course, I believe the greatest way to demonstrate my gratitude is by giving each class my best, and exploring the ways I can use the lessons learned in my ministry.

Debbie Horwood, Missionary and NBC student

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 05/11/2020

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