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NBC Board of Trustees Congratulates You
NBC Board of Trustees Congratulates You

Accomplishment Beginnings

Yes, you still are being graduated even though there is no ceremony per se.

Yes, you will still receive your certificate or diploma, though there will not be much pomp and circumstance right now.

Yes, you and your family and friends should rightfully celebrate this accomplishment. You set a goal. You worked hard. You pressed in when times were challenging. Congratulations.

Next week would have been your Commencement weekend. 

Have you thought about commencement?

Com-mence-ment – noun

  1. A beginning or start

There is some joy (better yet, irony wrapped in joy) that at the conclusion of your accomplishment we typically gather for a celebration, that of all things is called, “a beginning.”

Think of it – your accomplishment is a beginning. The purpose of NBC is not your diploma or certificate, but to give God glory by the way you evangelize, the way you disciple and the power through which you minister to the world. While a graduation commencement exercise isn’t possible this spring, nothing, and we do mean nothing, is going to get in the way of you fully engaging your purpose and giving God glory.

Thanks be to God!  Your accomplishment is a glory-filled beginning!

Dr. J. Phillip Fuller, Chairman NBC Board of Trustees

Filed Under: The Torch Published: 05/15/2020

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