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Nazarene Bible College



Graduating With Honors
Graduating With Honors

Golden Cords Distinguish NBC Honors Graduates

Graduating from Nazarene Bible College is an achievement and an honor. To recognize those who accomplish this, we traditionally hold an annual Commencement Ceremony to publicly present graduates with their diplomas and awards. To mark the significance of their academic achievement, all graduates wear a distinctive gown, hood, cap and unique tassel based on their program major.

Drawing on an academic tradition that dates back to the 14th century, NBC also presents golden double-braided cords with tasseled ends which are draped around the neck of select graduates earning an Associate or Bachelor’s degree while sustaining an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.70 or above.

This visible symbol of academic achievement reflects their steadfast commitment to excellence, therefore, NBC wishes to recognize these graduates and their families that have supported them, by validating their efforts with our commendation and appreciation for their outstanding contribution to our institution and to their own areas of ministry around the world.

For the members of the graduating class of 2019-2020, due to circumstances beyond our control in this unprecedented season, the NBC community will not be able to bear witness of these graduates crossing the stage dawning their unique regalia highlighted with these golden cords. But we want all our extended family and friends to know, each qualifying graduate will receive their cords this year in absentia, and with their cords, our congratulations, and continuing prayers for God’s blessings as they commence with their ministry endeavors.

Please join us in celebrating God’s faithfulness in their lives through this season of fruitful learning!

Rev. Duane A. Matthias, NBC Registrar and adjunct professor

Filed Under: The Torch Published: 05/15/2020

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