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Nazarene Bible College



Kudos for the Excellent Work
Kudos for the Excellent Work

Congratulations to NBC Spring Dean's List and Honor Roll

Dean’s List

Jacinta Alcayde

Ligia Ambriz

Nayomia Anderson

Alissa Boulton

Javier Castro

Desiree Ferring

Penny Hardyman

Dennis Knight

Joshua Krug

Sergio Lopez-Galvan

Matthew Lowry

Robert McLaughlin

Willems Pierre

RuthAnn Riggle

Richard Stillwell

Jeremiah Stouder

Amy Trosen

Telinda Wilson


Honor Roll

Richard Atteberry

Quentin Knierim

Trent LaChance

Joseph Matos

Ana Ramirez

Rusty Smith

Alisha Thelander

Francisco Torres

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 06/01/2020

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