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Laverty Book Signing
Laverty Book Signing

Being Used as God’s Vessel

I am sharing so that NBC knows the far reach it has. Like other NBC graduates, God has used me in great ways since graduating from NBC.  

I initially started my path in the military chaplain program but found God had other plans. I soon transitioned into Military Intelligence and Infantry positions, retiring with 30 years as a Chief-of-Staff (Lieutenant Colonel) in the Army. During that time, I attended Harvard, Oxford and Trinity Law School, developing bonds around the world.

Now, I work with the California Highway Patrol as a commander. I have been very fortunate as God has put other Christian leaders in my path where we have built strong teams. Even now, my Administrative (Second in Command) is a minister, although full-time as a Highway Patrol leader. I have seen God work in amazing ways around the world, whereby I know God is in control. Because of compassion and love, God has been able to use me as a vessel.

I have also authored multiple books, and currently working on two books on leadership. I have shared, and still do so, many stories about my time at NBC. So, thank you NBC for the foundation!

Please send my greetings to the faculty and leadership there, and may God continue using NBC in such a great way, impacting our world!

Your Brother in Christ,

Scott Laverty, NBC Student & Commander of California Highway Patrol

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 06/15/2020

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