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Adjunct Professor Peter Lundell
Adjunct Professor Peter Lundell

Living With A Sense of Eternity

My earliest friends carried spears and herded goats. My missionary father died there in Tanzania, and I moved with my mother back to Minnesota, where I lived through my college years. While an exchange student in Japan, I made a commitment to Christ.

I returned to Japan to teach English and at that time, received God’s call to full-time ministry. I earned a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary, married a wildly spiritual Korean woman named Kim, and returned to pastor with her in Japan. Later, I earned a Doctor of Missiology, also at Fuller. Again I returned to Japan, where Kim and I planted three churches in Osaka. She did most of the personal ministry, while I taught in a university. I've also done missionary work in Haiti, India, and Russia.

In 1996, I knew I needed to live a holy life, or I’d eventually self-destruct. So I committed to being Nazarene, got ordained, and came to Walnut, California, where for twenty-two years with Kim, I co-pastored Walnut Blessing Church of the Nazarene, which became predominantly Korean.

I eventually found myself too comfortable in too many ways. So I went with Kim to Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, where we are starting New Life Church of the Nazarene out of shell of a closed church. There I entered a whole new stage of major spiritual growth and character change.

I now live in north San Diego County and have a grown daughter who lives with her husband in Los Angeles County.

In addition to many years of teaching for Nazarene Bible College online, I have taught NBC Alliance courses in Los Angeles since 1998, where I was also director of the training center. I also teach for Awakening School of Ministry, an NBC Alliance school.

I speak frequently at conferences, churches, and renewal meetings and lead people in basic issues to improve their prayer lives and connection with God. I also minister extensively in inner healing, particularly damaged psychologies and personal identities due to abuse and other traumas. I deal with personal demonic deliverance, interpersonal spiritual conflicts, and regional spiritual warfare. I pray that more Nazarenes—especially in leadership—will take these kinds of things more seriously.

In everything you do in life, have a sense of eternity. If what you do with your life has no discernable eternal value, you’re ultimately wasting yourself. If you see past the glitz and clutter of this world, including that in the church, and prioritize loving God first and, with that love, loving people, you will make eternal impact and reap eternal reward.

My life’s WHY: I live to build the church, locally and beyond, through Kingdom ministry.

My HOW: Live and operate by God’s Word and Spirit.

I am the author of numerous books and counting: Armed for Battle, When God Bursts In, Prayer Power, Inked for Eternity, Short Stories for the Soul, The Sailboat and the Sea, and the upcoming Wind.

Visit my website:

Dr. Peter Lundell has been teaching for NBC since 2009.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 06/15/2020

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