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Education At Your Fingertips
Education At Your Fingertips

Did You Know (About NBC) ...

Did you know...

  • that NBC has been accredited by what is now the Association for Biblical Higher Education since 1976?

To interpret this a bit, what this means is that an NBC education counts; NBC has been accredited for the last 44 years! With this degree, one can continue on to higher education like the master’s level or doctoral level. Numerous NBC graduates are professors now with their masters and doctorate degrees. All Universities will accept with pleasure an NBC education. An NBC education is quality! And what matters most, it will give you, presently, what you need for ministry.

  • that NBC has offered online education since 1998?

Where other institutions are going online now for the first time, NBC is experienced and excels in online education. NBC has been successfully doing this for  22 years – online learning – online instructing.

  • that NBC has never had a football team?

This reminds us of NBC’s purpose: Nazarene Bible College exists to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple, and minister to the world. This doesn’t mean that some of our graduates don’t “watch” football, but this means NBC is focused on preparing God’s called men and women to be His hands and feet in a needy world.

  • Since the relocation and implementation of fully online programming in the Summer of 2017, NBC has processed over 1600 applicants for enrollment or re-enrolled in a degree or certificate program? That’s over 500 enrollments each year!
  • you can use PayPal to securely pay for your classes?

A quick, efficient, and totally secure way to pay

  • NBC has scholarships available for Degree program students?

NBC has institutional scholarships. All you need to do is apply. Go to the NBC website and look under financial aid, and you will see the scholarship page with instructions and requirements.

  • Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) students can “buy up” their courses to complete a degree?

When you are able to financially pay for degree credits, your MPP classes will count toward a degree. To find out more, look under “MPP College Credit” on the NBC web site (

  • that, since August 2012, more than 200 US Hispanics have taken at least one NBC Pastoral Ministries course in Spanish?
  • that the NBC Hispanic students live in 32 of our 50 States?
  • that sixteen Hispanic Pastoral Ministries students graduated with their Bachelor’s degree and two more graduated with their Associate’s degree?

What is the impact of these statistics? Hispanic pastors are being formed with an NBC pastoral education contextualized to the United States with every course taught in Spanish which is the language used in the congregations they are pastoring.

  • that NBC is a place where community is valued. In our excessively individualized society, NBC is a welcoming alternative.
  • that many people think of NBC as just an educational institution.  And while that is true, NBC has always been committed to ministering to the whole person. We want our students to know that they are important to us as persons, not just students. That is why we have interventions, special prayer times, the Communicator, and counselors to assist them in every way possible. The instructors are just as concerned about our students as a brother or sister in Christ, as they are as their academic developer.  Our students are prayed for much more than they may be aware.

By the Editor in collaboration with NBC faculty and staff

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 07/13/2020

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