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Adapting In Ministry - Social Distancing
Adapting In Ministry - Social Distancing

A Window Into a Student's Life

We have gotten permission to share this email with you from one NBC student. His reality is not unlike many of our students, adjusting ministry because of these times. May these thoughts be an encouragement to each reader, as we also serve God where He has called us:

I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to touch base and see how you have been doing. I took a summer break from course studies as my wife and I moved recently, and the summer has been busy with helping her in the children's ministry at our church where she has served as interim children's pastor since January. 

However, it is time to get back into the swing of things with class. I finished up an amazing Spring semester. The spiritual formation class was what I felt to be one of, if not the most important class I will take in the Ministry Preparation courses. I felt as if there was so much more to learn! I am excited, as the fall semester approaches and I begin classes, History and Polity of the Nazarene Church and Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries, to see how the Lord moves through these courses. 

As you can imagine, the Corona pandemic has reshaped how we are doing things in the ministry. And South Carolina, specifically here in Greenville, has become a "hot spot" unfortunately. Our governor implemented restrictions but then lifted them and the cases seemed to jump significantly.  We have shifted to an all-digital online experience at our church. We have had only 1 confirmed case so far at our church and one at the retirement center that I help lead on Sunday nights. The Sunday night Chapel meeting at the retirement center that I have been preaching at has also come to a halt. I REALLY miss being with my congregation in person and miss the hugs from these precious folks.  I would have never imagined in a million years that this early into ministry that decisions like this would come! However, the Lord has continued to guide and lead us and be able to stay in contact with our folks at the retirement center and encourage them! Then we see all the racial division and riots going on in our country. In short, we need to pray for our country more than ever!

Let me conclude by saying that I pray for you and your ministry, NBC and the wonderful staff who continue to make the online course experience feel like home. I pray you have a fantastic weekend!

On Mission,

Adam Maw, NBC Student


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 07/13/2020

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