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NBC is the Place
NBC is the Place

Everyone Is a Recruiter

Have you ever thought of yourself as an NBC admissions recruiter? We all are recruiters as we share what NBC offers for those involved in ministry and are looking for ministry preparation. It struck me lately that there are people around me who are passionately serving the Lord in the local church, and perhaps could hear the good news of an NBC education to further prepare them for what they are called and are passionately pursuing without any formal theological formation.

If you are like myself and have colleagues or brothers and sisters in Christ serving alongside you in your local church, a conversation about NBC might start here:

  • NBC is the premier ministry training school in the USA for the Nazarene Church. NBC trains more adults than all of our others schools combined.  
  • NBC specializes in training adult students but traditional age students thrive also at NBC.
  • NBC has warm, personable staff who will help students succeed.
  • NBC professors have high academic qualifications and are actively serving in the areas they are teaching.
  • Adult students have lots of life and ministry experiences. In NBC classrooms, in addition to the professors, students have the opportunity to shape the learning experience for others.
  • NBC has 8 entry points every year for new students.
  • NBC offers each Ordination course 4-6 times a year in the Ministry Preparation Program (MPP).
  • NBC offers 7 strong Bachelor’s Degree Programs and each can be fashioned to fulfill the Ordination educational requirements.
  • NBC offers a free Orientation and Ordination course to newly applied students who are local/district licensed.

And as tradition goes in the NBC admissions office, a bell is rung every time a new student is enrolled. Can’t wait to hear more “ringing” as each of us do a friend a favor and recruit them as students at NBC.

Editor and Enrollment Management

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 07/13/2020

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