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Rev Annette Fraser adjunct faculty
Rev Annette Fraser adjunct faculty

Called to Pastor and Educate

When God called me to ministry back in my homeland Aotearoa, New Zealand, though I argued for a few years since being a female and single pastor was relatively unknown in our country then, I had no idea of the different racial groups and the areas of ministry He had in mind for me. Many of you can say the same. It is for our good that He reveals only one step at a time!

In retrospect, I see now His plan has been the combination of pastoring in multi-cultural churches and theological education. I found, and still find, I am passionate about both.

My first pastorate was in Auckland, New Zealand where we had 7 racial groups worshiping and serving together. While there, my District asked me to travel to various cities around the country and teach pastors who were in the Course of Study. Their reasons were: 1) You are single; 2) you have a strong church, and they can manage well while you are gone; and 3) you know that subject well with which several are struggling: "The History of Christianity." “Please, the rest of us cannot do this.”

So across the years, these are the places and peoples to which my Lord sent me, usually for both pastoring and theological education. Western Samoa doing both; San Antonio, TX doing both; San Francisco doing both, including heading up the NBC Alliance School and pastoring where we had 3 different language services as well as the English; serving as the English pastor for one of our Korean Churches while in San Francisco; speaking at the Chinese Conference through 2 translators; going back to Samoa to preach at the Samoan Conference; and having the great privilege of staying with parsonage families on Third Mesa to preach and teach for the combined Navajo churches. All of these experiences in ministry have been wonderful. Thank you, Lord.

Today, in semi-retirement, it is a great joy to teach in NBC online in my favorite subject: opening students' eyes to the wonderful history of His story in His Church. I enjoy so much the nations represented in the classes and being able to identify with them as well as the opportunities that arise to pastor students. 

I praise God continually for all NBC is doing in education for ministry. I am humbled and delighted to have a small part.

(Incidentally, my connections with NBC go way back. Dr. G.B Williamson was the first General Superintendent to visit New Zealand, so we followed NBC's development.)

Rev. Annette Fraser has been teaching for NBC since 2015.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 07/27/2020

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