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Advice When the Class Is Hard
Advice When the Class Is Hard

Student Advice Corner

If you are having difficulty in a class, here is some wise advice to encourage you:

Regarding how difficult this class has been for you, I can surely relate. I remember well in my academic journey that in some classes I felt the same way. However, I just accepted the fact that this was part of the journey and always did the best that I could. That’s all we can do.

In fact, Dr. G.B. Williamson (Former General Superintendent and founder of NBC) was one of professors back in the day, and also became a personal mentor to me. He had this pet phrase that I embrace to this very day which was, “Just do your best, and let God do the rest.” I’ve learned that no matter what I’m doing or what I’m involved with, that this advice still works for me!

Dr. Gary W. Haines, NBC National Alumni Public Relations

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 10/19/2020

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