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Allow Others To Be Part of the Journey
Allow Others To Be Part of the Journey

Made For Community

Dear Pastors and Leaders,

We bring you good news! The Church is alive and well, all around the world. We continue to hear incredible stories of compassion, missions, hospitality, generosity, salvation, and transformation from our local congregations everywhere. Thank you for your continued participation in God's mission in the world.

The year 2020 is almost over! Yes, we have about eight weeks of this year left. This year will go down in history for several things in different parts of the world, but mainly as the year of global panic over coronavirus. COVID-19 has caused many uncertainties, including a new level of stress and anxiety. The effects of this will be with us for a long time.

Several studies suggest that mental health issues have increased significantly in this season of the global pandemic and the many other challenges we face in our world today. In particular, we recognize that this has been a challenging year for pastors and leaders who are faced with the reality of needing to make continual and unprecedented changes in the life of the church. Our prayer is "that you may enjoy good health" (3 John 2) even as we go through these unprecedented days.

We encourage you not to neglect self-care. Take time to rest and get away from your responsibilities for revitalization. It is crucial to find a community that is a safe space for you to talk about where you are on the journey. It is also important to find appropriate resources and tools for your wellness as we go through this season. Seek medical help or therapy as deemed necessary. Do not attempt to carry this on your own.

Allowing others to be a part of our journey is an expression of trust in God, that He can use others to meet our spiritual, physical, and mental health needs. On the other hand, being a community where others can find healing is a sign of our willingness to participate with God in His work. We are created to live in community. We belong together; we are one body of Christ. Because of that, we bear with one another and the world in prayers of intercession.

When we carry others' needs to the Lord in prayer, we express our willingness to be used by God as His vessel and conduit through which others can meet and experience God in His holiness, power, healing, and love. It is an act of submission to the Lordship of our God and a witness of our faith in God when we rely upon Him and abandon our schemes of self-reliance.

This is not a suggestion for some kind of blind and optimistic outlook on life amid the storm. It is putting one's trust in what Christ has done on our behalf, having sure confidence of the presence of God with us, and being open to hearing His voice as we seek to discern His ways as we navigate challenging moments in our lives and care for each other.

We have been set right with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We have been invited to partner with God in His mission in the world, which includes the healing of the whole person. May we be known as people who help each other to meet and experience God's work in this life — regardless of the journey.

Grace and peace, Board of General Superintendents,

Filimão M. Chambo, Eugénio R. Duarte, David W. Graves, David A. Busic, Gustavo A. Crocker, Carla D. Sunberg

06 November 2020, Email from the Church of the Nazarene

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 11/09/2020

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