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Fascinated by Preaching
Fascinated by Preaching

A Lifelong Learner

I am a blessed man in many ways. I was married on May 29, 1982 to my college sweetheart, Vivian. We live in Lancaster, PA and enjoy working together in ministry. We have two children – a son, born in 1987, and a daughter, born in 1991. My son is a Mechanical Engineer for a company in York, PA. He and his wife have two children. My daughter is married and lives in Raleigh, NC.

I have been a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene since 1987. I have served two churches – one in Wilmington, NY and my present one (since 1994) in Lancaster, PA. The church in New York is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Wilmington is a small town just outside of Lake Placid, where the 1932 and 1980 Olympics were held. The current church is located in a suburban area about four miles outside the city.

There are two specific areas of ministry that I have enjoyed over the years: spiritual formation and preaching. In the area of spiritual formation, I appreciate books by Eugene Peterson, Henri Nouwen, Richard Foster, and others. One of my favorite books by Nouwen is "In the Name of Jesus." (This is an easy read that I recommend to anyone called into ministry.) It approaches the message of leadership from a spiritual perspective. It has impacted my ministry over the years.

I have been fascinated by preaching since I was young. I was privileged to grow up in a church where strong preaching was emphasized. One of my pastors, Dr. Lawrence B. Hicks, demonstrated the power of passion and the expertise of using the right images to stir the heart and mind. Even as a child, beside the occasional squirms, I sat mesmerized by his weekly messages. I make it a practice to try and listen to at least one sermon per week. I also take time to read several articles on the subject as well as a book or two each year.

I am committed to being a lifelong learner. I love words and languages. I enjoy teaching online. It has been a pleasant way to get to know many students from around the world. (I learn as much as you do from each class).

Now for hobbies: One passion I have is photography. Living in Amish country has its advantages. Just behind our house are many Amish farms that make for beautiful scenery. (Yes, I have entered the digital age). I especially enjoy photographing people. I also enjoy music. You might find me at home in the evening strumming my acoustic guitar or "pounding out songs" on our piano or thumping the bass guitar.

My life's story is just beginning. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Rev. Mark Justice has been teaching for NBC since 2007.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/04/2021

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