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The Worthingtons
The Worthingtons

NBC Graduating Class of 1975

Robert and Garnet Worthington graduated from Nazarene Bible College in 1975. One of the memorable events and ceremonies at NBC was the Torch ceremony and the Apostles Court. Mrs. G. B. Williamson, the writer of the ceremony, asked Garnet as a student to make the Apostles’ Robes for the Torch Ceremony. The robes were worn each year by students chosen to portray the Eleven Apostles in the Torch Ceremony. Those original robes made by Mrs. Worthington, and their eventual replacement robes, would assume a special and cherished place in NBC history. Each year for forty years, the eleven students proclaimed the call of Jesus on their lives individually and called the graduating seniors to join them taking up the torch of the Gospel. Thank you, Garnet, for making those first robes which added to the inspirational moment each year.

Recently, NBC received a telephone call from Garnet. She shared with the College the news of the passing of Robert (on 1-6-21). This article is the result of this delightful conversation and is in appreciation for this inspiring couple. Robert spent his 86 years of life in various professions. He was a talented football player, receiving a full scholarship to the University of Houston in 1955. He also obtained a degree in Commercial Art, with a focus on advertising. In 1972, God called him into the ministry, and they moved to Colorado Springs with their children for ministry preparation at NBC. After graduation from NBC, Robert pastored churches in Ohio and Indiana until he retired from the ministry in 1985.

Last year, Robert was moved to a nursing home because of Parkinson’s disease and dementia. His children told of how he adored his wife and told her every day how beautiful she was. When he was in the nursing home, every time Garnet would visit, he would sing “I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.” That song would be the last thing Garnet heard from Robert before he passed.

God has continued to use Garnet’s sewing abilities. This past year, during the pandemic, Garnet made 20,000 masks!! It was a joy to connect with Mrs. Worthington, and to rejoice with her in how God has used them over the years. Nazarene Bible College honors the memory of Robert and we pray for comfort and blessing for Garnet and her family at this time.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/25/2021

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