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Nazarene Bible College



For Nazarene Lay Leaders
For Nazarene Lay Leaders

Free Degree Course for Lay Leaders

Do you have people like this in your church? They have a family, a full-time job, and the respect of their neighbors and church family. Their boss considers them a valuable employee but needs them to earn a college degree in order to promote them. This real student didn’t come to NBC for ordination training – they are here for a Bible-based Leadership and Ethics degree!

Every local church needs lay leaders who are well-trained in theology, and NBC can serve your congregation in this capacity.

  • Our courses are entirely online so students can find the best time each day to go to class.
  • We offer a Bible-based, fully accredited AA degree that can later transfer to a university program, allowing students to cement a Christian worldview while preparing for a secular career.
  • Students can develop their personal, leadership, writing, research, and speaking skills in pursuit of a fully accredited BA degree in Leadership and Ethics, Christian Counseling, Bible and Theology, or Christian Education Ministries.

Can you imagine a church filled with lay leaders who are grounded in scripture and passionate about reaching their neighbors and coworkers? If you know a non-clergy Nazarene with an interest in a college education, please help us get in contact! Reach our admissions team at 719-884-5060 or at or send us their contact information at that same address.

Someone ready to apply? Go to

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 02/15/2021

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