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Congratulations Paul Hobbs on Achieved Doctorate
Congratulations Paul Hobbs on Achieved Doctorate

NBC Alumnus Specialist in Church Revitalization

NBC congratulates NBC alumnus, Dr. Paul Hobbs, in finishing his doctoral studies at Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership, with a concentration in Christian Ministry. His dissertation was on “Leading Revitalization Efforts in the Church of the Nazarene.”

Presently, Dr. Hobbs, is the lead pastor at Retreat Church of the Nazarene, in Yucaipa, CA, which is in Southern California. It was a restart church. He has been pastoring for 25 years. 7 of those years were when he established and planted a church. He also taught Bible and Theology at two Christian High Schools for 17 years.

Through his research for his dissertation, Paul discovered that closed churches or small churches that need revitalization often get to that point because, as their pastors expressed, they did not feel confident with their leadership skills. Those pastors might be gifted in pastoral care but have not been taught or are not naturally strong in the areas of forming staff and projecting vision. Someone to come along side them to help them in their weak area, is what these pastors have expressed they need.

Paul reminisced about his time at NBC. He entered NBC in 1991 as a young man straight out of High School. Paul had married at age 19, and God worked out a perfect situation for he and his wife. Susan worked at Focus on the Family in California, and when the organization was moving to Colorado Springs, they said that they would move Susan, and hire her spouse too! Paul was going to enroll at Nazarene Bible College once they got settled in Colorado Springs. However, God worked faster. Their very first Sunday in Colorado Springs, they attended Springs First Church of the Nazarene, and a man in the lobby greeted Paul as they entered. It turns out, it was Dr. Hiram Sanders, then President of NBC. When Paul mentioned that he was going to enroll next year after they adjusted from their move, Dr. Sanders said, “Next year? Why you can enroll right now and start on Monday!” Paul explained that their finances were not in place yet. Dr. Sanders said, “You just trust God. It will be worked out for you.” After meeting with Finance Director, Malcolm Britten, Paul started that Monday!

Paul expressed that he loved NBC. He said that the interpersonal relationships with professors were amazing. The professors were all experienced pastors. They welcomed us in. We were shepherded by the faculty and administration.

He remembers Dr. Neal Wiseman and Mrs. Wiseman. Paul shared, “They were instrumental in shaping me into what I was becoming.” Dr. Lambright was one of his professors and became his mentor to this day. Paul said, “Dr. Lambright asked me early-on to go on a prayer retreat. This was so influential in my life.”

Paul would very much like to give back to NBC what he received. A dream of his is to teach at NBC someday.

Paul has been married to his wife, Susan, for 30 years, and they have three adult children. One is a children’s minister, another is a special education health care worker, and the other is a deputy sheriff. They have 2 grandchildren.

Dr. Lambright, NBC faculty, wrote of Dr. Hobbs, “He's a godly husband, father, and grandfather.”


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 03/01/2021

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