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Sunergos International

So many abused, abandoned, orphaned... Freezing, starving, without any hope... Each day we clothe, feed, and give hope...

On September 9 Tatiana Mendakova, Director of Sunergos International, and the team would like to share their ministry with NBC students.

To hear the wonderful things they are doing in Russia for the hungry, unloved, orphaned children, visit with them in the Alumni/Rec room from 5 p.m. until classes start.

"Share Warmth! Clothe a Child!"

Help an orphan not to steal to keep warm! For the children who are orphans, living on the streets, in the sewers–life takes a nasty turn ... There is no one who can buy them a new pair of shoes, a new pair of socks, a new pair of pants and a shirt ... That child will be forced to find any possible ways to find something to wear ... Finding someone to help him is almost impossible, so he results in stealing or being naked ...

"Share Food! Feed an Orphan!"

Thousands of street children cry themselves to sleep every night with hunger pains ... alone, scared and starving. A lack of food is the biggest problem for a child on the streets. Every day ten children die from malnutrition.

"Share Hope! Be a Witness!"

Hope is like air. Without it you cannot live. But for a child living in the gutters, hope is a foreign word.

Participate in changing lives! Come and Serve!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 08/18/2009

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