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Nazarene Bible College Website Gets Facelift

The Nazarene Bible College website ( gets a new fresh look. With over 20,000 visits a month and over 64,000 pages viewed monthly, the NBC website provides new students, current students, and Alumni and Friends with information on how the college excels in ministerial preparation for both campus and online students.

Social networking has exploded over the last few years, web standards have been updated, and our visitor's screen resolution has increased. To take better advantage of these changes and conform to the current accessibility standards, we have updated our main website to include a number of new social networking features.

The last significant revision, two years ago, implemented a new design and involved a major overhaul in where and how the navigation worked. Building on the 2007 design, new elements continue to be incorporated to enable individuals to quickly locate the information most relevant to their needs. The new design is wider (960px versus 760px), providing additional room to present content more effectively. The footer now includes group-based links and social networking links. The background has been lightened to increase the flexibility and usability. The primary navigation was expanded to include “Chapel” and “My NBC,” as these are two of the most requested pages.

We have also added a new feature on the NBC website. It is the inclusion of many pictures of the campus (, including some from 1970. The photos reveal how the campus has changed significantly over the years.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/28/2009

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