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NBC Bookstore Expansion is Complete

The bookstore expansion is now complete and just in time for the new school year. With our increased number of students, we are now processing over 3,000 book orders a year, which is a 10% increase over last year. The 896 square feet of additional space was allocated to the bookstore to enable a more efficient process for shipping books. This has already proven to be a resounding success. To see pictures of the bookstore, visit (

The bookstore ships books daily, from Colorado Springs, throughout the United States and around the world to support students in completing their education. The Nazarene Bible College bookstore ( provides educational resources to campus and online students, Alliance students, and students from a number of other colleges and universities that place students in NBC classes.

We are pleased to have a full service institutional campus and online bookstore serving students, staff, faculty, and the public by stocking all the required college textbooks, supplementary textbooks, and materials for the courses we offer. Our bookstore also stocks a variety of clothing and general merchandise showing the NBC spirit. Most importantly, Karla and the rest of the bookstore staff strive to exceed customer expectations with the highest standard in service and products designed to meet your needs and will continue to do so.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 09/04/2009

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