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Student Map Spans the World

Where in the world are all the Nazarene Bible College students? Both campus and online students all over the world can access NBC 24/7, but where are they? Next time you visit Trimble Library in the Sanders building, you can’t miss a new 55 inch TV near the library entrance. It features a map dotted with icons representing students all over the nation and the world. Users logging in to the system are shown in real-time from Canada to South America, from Africa to the Caribbean, and many places in-between. There are well over a thousand students who log in to NBC for their online education most days.

Some students attend NBC classes, both on campus and online, and some attend as members of NBC’s 27 partner schools of higher education. All are represented on the map, by location and gender. The map refreshes every five minutes, and shows active users in 5, 30, and 60 minute timeframes. On Wednesday morning, December 16th, for example, there were 1,157 users who had logged in within the previous 24 hours. That’s a lot of users!

The map provides a clear picture of NBC’s world-wide commitment to preparing adults to serve God. Each icon represents a student studying subjects as varied as English, Preaching, Public Speaking, Family Counseling, the Old Testament, and the New Testament. NBC provides an effective learning platform to help students both near and far. Now, with a 55 inch dynamic map, it’s easy to see users in each country who are connected to the NBC system.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, or are one of our long distance education students planning to visit, stop by the Trimble Library to see where everyone is!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/20/2009

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