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College Admissions Flourish

Nazarene Bible College's enrollment marches upward. Degree enrollment is up about 5%, beginning a solid 2010. Especially in such trying times, it is uplifting to see God's hand working in our midst, leading those called to the Lord to seek NBC to enrich their gifts.

NBC's purpose is "to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple and minister to the world." This daily commitment is shown in NBC's exceptional graduation rates. Dr. David Phillips, Vice President of Online Academic Services and Institutional Technology, stated that, "While the national average of those who begin an online class and finish it is only 47%, Nazarene Bible College has had a consistent 94% completion rate average since 1998."

Graduates' success doesn't end at graduation. For example, Dr. Laurel Matson, Vice President for Student Development and Registrar, let us know that in just one area, the Northeast region of the US (12 states plus Washington, DC), there are currently 288 NBC alumni serving in ministry assignments. And more are coming to NBC from this region. Per Dr. Matson, there are 132 students attending NBC from this region alone, and 10 came all the way to Colorado to be on campus!

These illustrations of God's blessings, alongside HLC Regional Accreditation in 2006, are probably big reasons why enrollment has almost doubled in the last 5 years. Per figures provided by Dr. Phillips, there are 26 more Associates and Bachelors degree students and 65 more total students in the Winter than in the Fall 2009-10 session. There are almost 1,100 campus and online students enrolled in the Winter 2009-10 session, over 500 more than in the same period just 5 years ago.

Students enrolled in online education degrees have increased almost 10% in the last year, and a staggering 50% over the last 5 years. Online Ministry Preparation alone has quadrupled to over 400 students since its inception in 2005. This is incredible growth considering the difficult economic climate.

NBC's campus program also continues to provide unsurpassed Christian higher education. Campus Traditional Degree enrollment has increased every year over the past three years. There are currently around 160 students enjoying the beautiful college campus grounds and fulfilling courses. From a stunning view of Pikes Peak, especially from inside Strickland Chapel, to the lofty bell tower at the center of Apostles Court, to each distinctively sculptured building, NBC provides a singular experience. Campus life is rich with history and provides a fulfilling preparation for serving the Lord in ministry, Christian counseling, music ministry, and other callings.

During these times where too many lack hope, growing admissions provide hope for the future of the world. We glorify and thank God for allowing us to serve Him by serving others. We at NBC look forward to helping all of our new and existing students to realize their goals in Christ.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 01/16/2010

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