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A Special Farewell to Exceptional Members of the NBC Family

This is a profound week as we pay tribute to Dr. Don Stelting and Pam Stelting. This is the week they join the stress-free ranks of the retired. The farewell luncheon was held in Strickland for our beloved Executive Vice President and Academic Dean and for our Director of The Alliance for Ministry Education. Of course, we wish them the very best, including the time to pursue more time with nearby family as well as hobbies and interests.

The staff and cabinet honored the Steltings with both words and personalized gifts. Tasty food and drink flowed. The chapel was decorated beautifully, with the picturesque snowy view outside adding charm, lending the perfect setting for the momentous occasion. Ron Attig opened the luncheon with a wonderful tribute.

Then onto the gifts! Dr. Jay Ott presented Pam with antique dishes and an honorarium, and then presented a plaque to both Dr. Stelting and Pam from the Alliance Directors. Ann Attig presented a keepsake book, which included expressions of tribute, appreciation, and memories from NBC staff and board members. Dr. David Phillips presented a stylish Kendall reader from the Cabinet. Marcia Ott presented a beautiful print of Colorado scenery, which was professionally matted and framed. Last, President Harold Graves spoke from the heart and then presented Dr. Stelting with an honorarium.

The words were as precious as the gifts. Prof. Joe Warrington, Dr. Tom King, and Dr. Dan Powers represented the faculty, providing kind and touching words. Cheryl Colby, representing the staff, spoke eloquently. Damon and Don, Jr., their sons, shared humorous memories. There was superb live music provided by Dr. Ron Attig, Dr. Laurel Mattson, Dr. Terry Lambright, Dr. Don Stelting, and Dr. Alan Lyke. There was a sense of history, knowing this ensemble might never again perform music together, with the extraordinary bass voice of Dr. Stelting retiring with him.

To wrap it up, Pam shared a poem, expressing memories of her time and the people she'd worked with through the years. In a rare occurrence, Dr. Stelting, our great leader and mentor, seemed uncharacteristically lost for words at first. Then he humbly gave his own words of thanks.

People laughed and wept, deep-felt as well as humorous words were shared, and hugs were given and received. It was an incredible time, a fitting tribute to these, our special retiring family members. We will miss their everyday guidance, but will revel in the many contributions they've added throughout the years; contributions that will continue to be a blessing to NBC for many years to come.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 01/30/2010

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