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Campus Chili Cook-off Spices Things Up

The Nazarene Bible College Chili Cook-off was a spicy hit with students, staff, and faculty. NBC hosts Free Food Tuesdays on campus. The menu changes weekly, but none has been better than the Chili Cook-off. Nine steaming, delicious crock pots full. So delicious, we wish we could have shared with the online students, too!

Normally, Free Food Tuesdays feature master chefs, at least by our standards. Chefs include Dr. Laurel Matson, our illustrious Vice President for Student Development and Registrar, who was the host for the Chili Cook-off. This week, it was the students' turn to prepare the victuals.

There were three categories: Hot (aka lava), Mild (aka magma), and Unusual (oh my, what is that?). As Dr. Terry Lambright, one of the judges, said of the unusual category: "I wondered what would make chili unusual but you'd still want to eat it? Roadkill? I approached with fear and trepidation. Some were really unusual, but it's unknown if roadkill was involved. One, maybe." Seriously, the chili was all very tasty, evidenced by Dr. Matson's report: almost every drop disappeared into appreciative bellies.

Dr. Lambright further reported that, "Everyone was eating out of Styrofoam cups with plastic spoons. Styrofoam. Normally you think of chili as being eaten on the range, cooked over an open fire in the cool evening air. Nope, we were eating out of Styrofoam." Most people probably cook chili at home, but Dr. Lambright is outdoorsy.

Overall, it was truly special, and a good time of fellowship. Dr. Matson expressed special thanks to Dr. Lambright, Greg McKenzie, and Wilma McKenzie for judging. The overall chili winner was created by Wendy McGee, for her succulent sweet chili. Jim Stevens had the best "Hot Chili," and Rena Barrett's white bean chicken chili won "Unusual Chili" honors.

The fun continues this Sunday, with the Super Bowl Party at 4pm in the Alumni Room in Williamson Center. Pizza, sweets, chips, drinks, it's all FREE! Barry Haack is the man with the info, but you've got to let him know if you're coming - - we need to order enough for everyone!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/05/2010

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