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Nazarene Bible College




Student Resources Around Colorado Springs

The Nearby section of our website is now jam-packed with new content. Our campus students cannot live on Free Food Tuesdays and Christian education alone. Whether seeking designer coffee or an attraction for a brief getaway from studies, invaluable information is only a mouse-click away. The starting point is the Nazarene Bible College Nearby page.

The Attractions and Restaurants pages now feature guided content. Each destination is categorized by type, and includes one or more dollar signs to indicate general cost. From theological activities to historic Colorado locations to just plain food and fun, there is something for just about everyone. Nothing tickling your fancy? Follow the included links for more.

But maybe you're an online education student or alumni. You could be traveling to NBC for a visit, or maybe you're coming for graduation. To get to NBC from the Denver or Colorado Springs Airports, visit the Directions page. Once you get here, the Directions page also has a wonderful top-down, graphical map of the campus. Want to know what the weather is? Just visit the dynamic Weather page. The Hotels page includes info on special hotel rates, amenities, and directions, everything you need to find the perfect room. If you're coming for commencement, now's the time to reserve a room (by April 28)!

Between the Colorado Attractions, Hotels in Colorado Springs, Restaurants in Colorado Springs, and Directions to Campus, we've got you covered. Like a hug, they will make you feel warm and fuzzy, or at least guide you to places that will.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/18/2010

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