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Nazarene Bible College




Armed Forces Day Chaplain Appreciation Event

Twice a year, Nazarene Bible College provides a little hometown cheer to the local military chaplains and their assistants. These uniformed servants of Christ form the Unit Ministry Team. They minister to service men and women in military bases and in the field, locally and all over the world. We last provided packages for chaplains in the Middle East at Christmas time. For US Armed Forces Day Chaplain Appreciation, we also gather and distribute treats and cards to honor and uplift these spiritual heroes.

This year, the United States Armed Forces Day is May 16th, so we are asking for baked goods and handwritten cards by May 5th. This gives us enough time to put everything into packages and distribute them. We are also providing a nice NBC water bottle to go with the donations. If interested please send an email to Scotty Young at for more information.

NBC is proud to serve the military personnel who serve us so courageously. As a humble member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges, we have accredited undergraduate degrees available for all branches of the Armed Forces. We can help with Tuition Assistance, VA benefits, student loans, grants, and scholarships for all SOC Approved Ministry Degrees.

It's a blessing to see the number of chaplains and chaplain assistants grow over the last year, and we're looking forward to providing enough goodies for all of them. We especially appreciate everyone in the NBC family who help in giving back to the men and women who serve God and our country so bravely.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 04/16/2010

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