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NBC now has 1,000 Likes on Facebook

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And we like you, too :) Since 2009, from the lighthearted to the heartfelt, we're grateful to have been able to share the events through the Nazarene Bible College weekly blog and our NBC Facebook page. The blog first appears on the main NBC website, and is then syndicated to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook users who "Like" (previously called "Fans") will be notified when new content is available, can leave comments and "Like" individual articles. We enjoy reading your comments every week and like it when you like us too!

Some weeks are profound, like saying farewell to members of the NBC family or remembering another incredible NBC graduation weekend. Some weeks are entertaining, like a party hosted by the Associated Student Government (ASG), or Free Food Tuesdays. Some are uplifting, like chapel videos, and some are encouraging, like welcoming new members to the NBC family.

No matter what we're doing and blogging about, there are a few things we always remember. First and foremost, our purpose is Kingdom building for our savior: "Nazarene Bible College exists to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple and minister to the world." Next, that our students and alumni receive quality, are cherished, and that helping them achieve their calling is our reason for doing what we do, each and every day. Lastly, we always remember our commitment to sharing in thought, word, and deed. The blog is important to us, to share what's going on, and so we're encouraging others to share as well.

On that note, we'd like to invite you to share with us and each other by leaving comments to our blogs on Facebook. Inspired by a blog, you may have a short story, a comment, a praise God moment, or perhaps you'd like to reach out to members of your graduating class. We welcome your comments. We just ask you keep them relatively brief, to allow others room to comment, and to be please be polite and respectful of others' comments. Click the NBC page thumbs up "Like" icon to start.

So, feel free to share as we're eager to share future events as well! And thank you for reading and "Like"-ing our Facebook page :)

Filed Under: Blog Published: 07/23/2010

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