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Nazarene Bible College




Shirking my duties?

Huntington Beach Bluffs

While sitting here on this beautiful white sand beach in Southern California, I realized I still had a blog to write this week. My problem is, I am over a thousand miles away from the campus at NBC and don't really have a sense for what's going on there right now. So, I could just tell you how clear and blue the sky is here, how the ocean is a beautiful crystal clear deep shade of blue, or how the smell of salt in the air reminds me of my childhood but that would just be so far off-topic and I am sure few if any would really care.

So, I thought I would deviate from the norm a bit and reflect on how God blesses those of us that work for and/or attend Nazarene Bible College. For me it starts with our students. It is just amazing to be around them. There is an energy and excitement that simply overflows them and spills onto those of us that are privileged enough to be nearby. It is a little like how a saucer catches the tea from a teacup that is just way too full. Also, seeing God work in their lives and realizing that in many ways, this is the start of a fantastic journey of ministry to a world in need of God's saving grace and Christian leadership. What more could one ask for?

Another major blessing is the people. Faculty, administration, and staff alike all have one thing in common . . . they are called of God to serve the Kingdom by supporting the preparation of adults to serve the world. This is a serious charge and our hope is to succeed and in doing so, bring glory to our Lord. With everyone committed to the same purpose, there is camaraderie and a sense of joy that we all share each and every day.

The NBC campus itself is yet another blessing. We really do have a beautiful facility. Everything has been kept up and maintained since the beginning. The layout leans more towards art than function but in doing so, it is like being at a well kept park. There is beauty everywhere you look as its location, yes another blessing, is on a knoll and just to the west is the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, and NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain are all just a few miles away and easily viewable from campus.

Well, I can see I have gone long and the sun is starting to burn but once you start talking about Nazarene Bible College it's hard to stop. Next week I'll be back in town and will certainly find something about campus or online Christian education to talk about but until then, all I can say is, wish you were here!

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/06/2010

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