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A Praise God Moment - Dr. Mike Worrell

Dr. Mike Worrell and Family

Dr. Mike Worrell, a graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary graced the campus this week by his mere presence alone. He worked at Nazarene Bible College for many years as our Registrar and also managed our CAMS system. However, in November of 2007 he experienced a sudden stroke that shocked both his family and friends. Leaving NBC was a difficult decision but necessary to recover and heal. He and his family moved to Laurel, Mississippi where they now reside.

After a much needed break, Dr. Worrell took back his role of managing our CAMS system. CAMS by Three Rivers Systemsis our college's student information system (SIS) or perhaps more accurately, our academic enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). CAMS is also the ERP of choice for many other religious colleges. CAMS is a great solution for us as it is scalable from small Christian colleges to mega sized universities. As we continue to grow, it will continue to meet our needs, and with his help this Bible College will continue to provide a top of the line education to students with several denominations represented from Baptist to Wesleyan. We are also really blessed that folks at Three Rivers Systems are faith based college and university friendly.

Although Dr. Worrell grew up in the South, being back in Colorado Springs was a breath of fresh air... literally, since Mississippi summers average 150% humidity levels :) The college's employees loved having him around this week too and benefitted from all the face-to-face training sessions. Steven Magee, our Online Office Manager in the Brand Center, or the more commonly known Oliver building said, "Years ago, I would have opportunities to play basketball with Dr. Worrell and others during lunch breaks. It was such a sudden event when he had his stroke. It is good to see him getting around well." Jan Edwards, our Administrative Assistant shared a fond memory as well, "When preparing to leave on our first ministry assignment, Dr. Worrell took the time to sit down with us and explain the adjustment that not only we would experience but also our children. He made it very apparent that he wanted us to be well informed of what we would face in ministry. We appreciated the care and concern he had for us." The stories and memories are countless, but the love and appreciation for Dr. Worrell has been apparent on campus this week.

The past few years have no doubt had their fair share of trying moments but Dr. Worrell says, "God uses His time to grow us." Although he admits to missing the unique NBC atmosphere and campus, being able to continue working with NBC after his stroke gave him a reason to get up, continue on, and stay strong. This working relationship continues to keep Dr. Worrell and the college connected; however, it not only benefits his friends at the college, but the entire student body as they work on their degrees as well. In the secular world, at best we might say "This is a win win situation" but for us, this is a praise God situation.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/13/2010

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