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Christian School 2.0!

Christian School Online Education

Actually more like Christian School 5.0 as last week saw yet another upgrade to our IT infrastructure. At Nazarene Bible College we’re always striving to improve the learning experience of our student’s online studies so server uptime (when you can connect to the college website) is a high priority. As a Christian college we take data security seriously and keeping it in house allows us to give it the best protection possible. Now, our Online Christian school program will run much more smoothly for students working online and this improvement will also support the ongoing administrative needs of our bible institute for years to come.

The extensive improvement, that was anticipated to take 96 hours of downtime, ended up being completed in just 56 hours. Even with this upgrade, we still maintain better than industry standard server uptime. During that time our online storage systems were upgraded to 10x the capacity and 5x the speed! All that translates to less waiting for page load times and even better access for students to online courses. Not only will our online distance students benefit, but our Colorado Springs campus students, faculty, and staff benefit as well! Also, due to our added space, Nazarene Bible College has even greater opportunities to grow as our systems are now more easily expandable and significantly more reliable. The incredible flexibility of the new system also provides a foundation for unprecedented possibilities.

Being one of the top Christian colleges is something we constantly strive for. We want our students and alumni to believe that they received the best accredited Christ centered education and curriculum we could supply. With our new storage space, it makes us feel confident that we are maintaining top quality technical resources for our Christian education degrees in ministry preparation. Our amazing students, future pastors, and graduates of NBC are who make this bible school what it is. Although you may not notice the changes on our sites, just know that we do it all with you in mind.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 09/17/2010

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