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Our President’s 5th Annual Report Overview

Christian School Continuing Adult Education

Traces of summer are beginning to disappear while fall officially kicks into gear around campus. In preparation for the Board of Trustees arrival, the lawns were manicured, bushes trimmed, and the remaining flowers held onto all their magnificence for our guests to see. The campus was buzzing all week while anticipating the arrival of the Board of Trustees from across the country. With Nazarene Bible College's focus being adult education, we eagerly awaited the yearly report results that Dr. Graves would announce during the unique service that took place in Strickland chapel Wednesday night.

President Harold B. Graves Jr. spoke to the board, faculty, staff, students, and our families in a very special chapel service where he presented his 5th Annual Report to the Board of Trustees. The board began by informing us of their decision to extend Dr. Graves' NBC presidency another four years, which resulted in excitement and cheering. It was a very enjoyable time of togetherness and worship, and in the words of Dr. Graves, "There is a God in Heaven" and all felt His presence.

This past year NBC had an enrollment of 996 students with 119 graduates, making it the largest class since 1979. All heard positive news when Dr. Graves spoke about the 1.5 million dollar turnaround NBC had this year compared to two years ago. He then spoke of Hebrews 13:6-8, "So we say with confidence, The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid", and no matter what financial difficulties there were before, we are confident NBC can make it through whatever may come. During the service, Nazarene Publishing House honored our very own professor Dr. Dan Powers for his recent contribution to the New Beacon Bible Commentary, 1 and 2 Peter/Jude. The atmosphere was overall warm and joyous as we celebrated the successes of NBC.

President Graves shared his ideas of future plans and goals for NBC including; recognizing and adapting to changing trends in adult education, completing our self-study and peer review to receive continued accreditation, and continuously implementing our strategic plan. Right now, NBC is one of two regionally accredited evangelical Christian colleges in Colorado and the only regionally accredited Bible College in the state. With that said, on behalf on NBC, we are blessed to have Dr. Gary Streit join us at NBC. He has had many years of experience in higher education and working with the Higher Learning Commission, and over the past few months has substantially made a difference in helping us prepare for our upcoming accreditation review. With his help, the future of NBC is certainly brighter.

Currently, it a priority to increase enrollment and for that reason, NBC will be working to grow as an adult school in both campus and online education. Dr. Graves said, "We will expand academic programs without compromising the integrity of our mission as a Bible College." Therefore, two new majors are in the works: Pastoral Leadership Ministries and a Hispanic Pastoral Ministries education degree that will be taught in Spanish. In addition, our academic services will continue to work hard to market to the greater Colorado Springs area to recruit new campus students, and online will continue implementing the newest technological advancements and marketing techniques to obtain higher enrollment from distance learning students who seek a school of continuing education.

Dr. Graves ended his report with a reference to a ride called "The Beast" found at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. It is a 4-minute long wooden rollercoaster full of ups, downs, twists, and turns. Just as NBC has experienced these things in the past few years thanks to the economic climate, we always know that the Lord is our helper and we will not be afraid. Without the Board and everyone who supports NBC, we would be unable to do what we do, and we thank God for all of them. Under President Graves's leadership, rest assured that the future of this ministerial preparation college is in good hands.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 10/01/2010

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