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Professor of Higher Education Receives Recognition

Dr. Daniel G. Powers, Director of Bible and Theology, New Testement Professor, Author

Dr. Daniel Powers, Nazarene Bible College professor of the New Testament as well as Bible and Theology Program Director, was recently recognized for his extraordinary contribution to the New Beacon Bible Commentary 1 & 2 Peter/Jude. The college honored and celebrated him for this was as President Graves stated, "A special moment for NBC". Dr. Graves followed up by speaking for the entire higher education institution when he said, "We are most proud of your scholarship, your spirit, and your service to the Church of Jesus Christ."

To celebrate his accomplishment Mrs. Bonnie Perry, the director of Beacon Hill press for Nazarene Publishing House, as well as one of our Board of Trustees, had the opportunity to express appreciation for Dr. Powers. On behalf of Nazarene Publishing House, she presented Dr. Powers with a plaque honoring and blessing him for his contribution. She said, "It will shape the future of this church." Most definitely, his teaching in higher education programs have helped with the learning and incredible research that took place to produce this book. We are fortunate for the ceaseless benefits it will bring to students and humanity.

Dr. Powers was also extremely generous by taking time this past week to sign copies of his book on campus in the Library. Currently, the book is being sold in the library and will soon be sold online for a cost of $15.60 plus shipping and tax. When talking to Dr. Powers in his department of higher education about the response he has received, he said, "The book signing on Wednesday evening after the president's address was awesome. I was very surprised and humbled by the enthusiastic response of students, colleagues, and board members. It was great to be able to briefly talk to so many people after the service about the commentary. I continue to be humbled and blessed by the opportunity to contribute to such an important commentary series in the Wesleyan holiness tradition."

Many campus and online students, as well as current degree holders of NBC have experienced the privilege of having Dr. Powers as a teacher during their journeys to higher education. Dr. Powers' courses may have been challenging, but with his help, encouragement, and support, it was easy to walk away as better Christians. Therefore, the higher education college we know as NBC could not be more proud of Dr. Powers' achievement, and on behalf of the NBC family, we congratulate him on the importance of this accomplishment.

If you would like further information on how to acquire a copy of this commentary, please contact the Library at (719) 884-5070. As President Graves said, "I encourage you to add this book to your library; it will be an invaluable resource."

Filed Under: Blog Published: 10/08/2010

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