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Even Adult Education Colleges Learn Something New Every Day

Adult Education College Learns Something New

At Nazarene Bible College, there was a time not long ago where Facebook was an unknown site by most of our adult education schools. Only until recently have we begun to understand what all Facebook has to offer. With that said, the other day we learned something that changed our whole way of looking at our fan page. We learned that not only can we post our weekly blogs, but you, our fans of this higher education college, can post questions and comments on our page as well!

Up until a few days ago, we had our Facebook page setting to view "Just Nazarene Bible College" posts, meaning that other posts were unseen by the department of education in charge of keeping this page up-to-date. So, when our eyes were opened to the "Nazarene Bible College + Others" setting, we were blown away by how many previously undiscovered and unanswered comments and questions there were. Please don't get us wrong, we are capable of adult literacy, and questions and comments about our school of continuing education programs, online and/or distance education are very important to us. With that said, at NBC we would never intentionally want important posts to go unanswered.

Therefore, our current mission is to go through all of the previous remarks and respond to all that require a reply. Rest assured that with this new discovery we will not let this responsibility slip through our fingers again. Not only do we want to provide the best in adults education, we want to provide the best professional services to our future, current students, and of course our alumni through means such as this Facebook fan page. Every comment, thought, idea, and suggestion is important to us. We love reading them so please, feel free to share! Don't forget, if it weren't for you guys, NBC wouldn't be the great campus and distance learning adult school that it is today.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 10/25/2010

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