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Nazarene Bible College




Two NBC Graduates Spread the Joy of Christian Leadership

Nazarene Bible College Graduated Spread Christian Leadership

Nazarene Bible College graduates, Rev. Manoj Ingle, and his wife Vandana are taking Christian Leadership to the next level. The pair, along with their family, are about to embark on a four month sabbatical mission project to Pune and Maharashtra India. During the month of December, they will travel the distance to undertake an exceptional Leadership ministry project. With the help of their church, New Hope Community Church, the Leadership and Education for Children and Youth project is successfully underway.

When children and youth find faith in Jesus Christ in India, they lose their privileged reservation spot in receiving proper education and job opportunities. All the while, these children witness their peers continue along their scholastic path and careers uninhibited. This causes India's younger society to face a very difficult choice, as following Christ will generally diminish their chance at an education and inevitably a job.

This project will supply education kits to approximately thirty young Christians, providing them with a year's worth of study materials, unique coaching courses, career counseling, and leadership training. With the countless amounts of countries that have yet to accept Christianity, it is of utmost importance that these children be properly trained for they will become India's future leaders. To give these children the knowledge and ability to influence the world with their Christian values means they can contribute a lifetime of Christian leadership. In America we are undeniably blessed, so as Gods people it is no surprise we are compelled to reach out and help when needs arise.

As Manoj and Vandana travel to and from India, please remember to keep them in your thoughts, prayers, and remember the value and implicit good that their work will accomplish. God works through people like the Ingles to fulfill His promise to provide. So, through this families hard work, Christian children in India will be able to stand by their religion without compromising a life they deserve that many try to take away. At NBC, we not only love to hear what our alumni and friends are accomplishing, but we praise God for them, and we couldn't be more excited about the great things that God is helping them achieve.

For $0.27 a day or $99, you can invest and empower one of India's future Christian leaders for an entire year. If you would like to help, please make the donation out to New Hope Community Church, and address it to the Leadership and Education Project to receive a tax receipt.

Please send to:

Manoj and Vanadana Ingle
58, Kimwood Bay,
Winnipeg, MB-R2V 2P6

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/03/2010

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