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An NBC Christmas Celebration

Nazarene Bible College Christmas Celebration

Each Christmas holiday, Nazarene Bible College's President hosts a Christmas celebration for faculty, staff, and their spouses. So, each year we RSVP, dress in our formal winter clothes, and head to the party's destination to celebrate with friends. However, with the day's rather unseasonably high temperature of 60 degrees, it's safe to say warm clothes weren't needed this year.

This year the celebration was held in our very own and beautifully decorated Strickland Chapel Although the air was warm outside, just by stepping into Strickland made every soul like they had just stepped into a winter wonderland. Christmas trees shone brightly and the smell of holiday ham met visitors upon arrival. The night consisted of warm smiles and joyful conversations as everyone eagerly talked about their upcoming holiday plans with loved ones.

After learning about the yearly outcome of Nazarene Bible College earlier this week, there was a feeling of peace held by all in regards to how thankful our staff is that NBC received Christmas early this year. As a result of NBC changing our health insurance company, the cost for next year that was originally predicted to increase actually decreased dramatically. That resulted in saving the college a great deal of money, and gave everyone involved with the school many reasons to rejoice. Working at NBC has been such a blessing, and to share the holidays with wonderful friends makes these special days of the year even better. Although we wish all of you could've joined us, we still feel those who couldn't participate directly were there in spirit. You all are the reason we strive to achieve greatness within the walls of this college, and for your support and presence, we thank you.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/13/2010

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