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Preparing for a New Year of Christian Education

Nazarene Bible College Christian Education New Year

The week after Christmas has brought a "New Year" kind of buzz around this Christian education college. Each department is starting to gain their staff members back as we all excitedly wait and prepare for the challenges and experiences next year will bring. The rest of this holiday break gave our folks a collective deep breath, relieving the stress of a rigorous curriculum, and subsequently allowing our batteries a chance to recharge. It no doubt gave us of all the extra motivation we needed for the commencement of a new year.

After reflecting on the year, in retrospection, one can always manage to think about what we can do differently to make the next year even better. So, we make our New Year's resolutions in an attempt to better ourselves while defining clear goals to make strides toward. This year, the importance of setting aside the materialistic and cliche New Year's resolutions has never had so much significance. What an opportunity we all have to put aside the more shallow objects we can desire at times, and create a more purpose driven agenda geared toward advancing our lives spiritually. We must not forget that this life is possible through God and when we have a sound spiritual foundation, the more trivial things (in comparison of course) seem to fall into place like living puzzle pieces.

So as we turn the corner of this New Year, the challenge to strive for a more complete spirituality is set forth. God is the core to our existence and, as such, the very zenith of accomplishment is better defining our relationship with Him. In his infinite wisdom, He provides us with ample opportunity to constantly improve. Nazarene Bible College wants the absolute best for each of our students and that is why we are committed to a renewed vigor towards a greater, more complete spiritual environment to advance our student's Christian education. We thank God for a brand New Year, and ask His blessings on this Christian college as He continues to allow us serving His kingdom.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/31/2010

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